We assist our clients
to achieve a
advantage in their
market by improving
core operations at a
time when it is
important for their

We design and
implement operational
processes and
management systems
that produce significant
improvements in Net
Operating Profit
typically by  increasing
effectiveness, volumes
and revenue.
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"Use Central Scheduling to Market & Grow your Hospital's Business"  -  

HFMA Article in Strategic Financial Planning

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"Marketing and Growing Your Business via Central Scheduling"
A practical action plan scheduling department management can implement

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"Are Hospitals Ready for Production Control - The Convergence Now Occurring"

Our White Paper describing a proven approach to managing operations resulting in improved Patient
Flow, Productivity and Marketshare acquisition for the Acute Care Hospital

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"How to Capture and Use Central Scheduling Data & Process Indicators to Achieve Your
Operational and Business Goals"

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"Centralized Scheduling: An Unanticipated Revenue Cycle Improvement
Opportunity"  -  
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    Since 1989, we have been assisting our clients increase Operating Margins by improving management
    practices and operational processes.  Our approach gives management complete control of the
    Organizing, Planning, Scheduling, Executing and Reporting functions critical to maximizing Resource
    Utilization, Service Levels and Quality.  Our goal is to have our clients independent of us and achieving
    continuous improvement by project completion.  Our client list demonstrates the success of this
    approach in a multitude of environments.

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